A Holiday Missed

It's tough for Cheryl Burciaga to admit it, but another holiday away from her husband hurts.
"I don't really like to express my emotions, I more or less keep it inside."
Her husband, Abraham, has been stationed in Iraq since April. The couple was married just seven months before, and had lived together for just three months when he was shipped out. Today Cheryl and her extended family celebrated Thanksgiving just like they have done for the past 22 years, at their grandmothers. Cheryl says it's been tough since her husband has been away, but it's that time away, she hopes, will make them stronger.
"If we can make it through this, because we weren't married that long before he left, then we can make it through anything."
The family hopes to have Abraham home by April. They say until then, they'll be praying for his safe return.

Chris gibson, reporting