Soldier Reunites With Family In Longview

An army soldier is back home in Longview for a brief rest before going back to his unit. 28 year old Army specialist Matthew Sullivan is on leave from duty in Iraq, and has come home to spend a very short, but important, time with his son and family.

"I have a great appreciation for being home, having nice running water taking nice hot showers, it's good to be home with hot home cooked meals." says Sullivan. His unit, the 329th field artillery has come under constant guerilla attacks during Sullivan's time there being headquartered north of Baghdad.

And his tour of duty has kept him thinking of home. His return home has been a boost to his biggest fan, his son.

"I love him and I miss him. We're gonna see a movie and maybe Looney Tunes back in action" said seven year old son Ryan Sullivan. Sullivan remains confident that what troops are doing in war torn Iraq is right.

"It's a great honor, its a privilege to know that you did something good and hopefully down the road you'll see something good how that country was changed into something positive," says Sullivan. Sullivan will go back to Iraq December 5th. He plans on returning to college when he is discharged in April.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.