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East Texans react to the possibility of arson

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV)- The possibility that some of these fires could be the work of an arsonist has residents very concerned. Residents tell KLTV that the idea of people setting these fires has them prepared to evacuate again.

Ed Parks said he and his wife have had to leave their home twice in three days.

"We already had the car packed with essential things we knew we wanted to save, and when the officer came up to the house he said 'you've got to evacuate really quickly because it's at your backdoor now' and we could see the fire approaching from the south side of the road," Parks said.

For residents like Ed, word that some of these fires may have been set intentionally has him in disbelief.

"You can be playing with people's lives, too, and losing their automobiles, equipment, homes, pets and everything else for somebody who is doing an act that I cant imagine why anyone would do," he said.

The question "why" is one that most East Texans just can't understand.

"How can somebody do something like that and have no consideration for people's homes and property and things. It's just, what's in their mind? Is it meanness? Or just... what?" William Snow said.

Snow and his wife are also keeping their belongings packed up and ready to go. The stress of not knowing what each day brings is taking its toll.

"It has everybody unnerved, my wife is really upset she's just beside herself," Snow said.

"I don't take these things too well anymore, when I was younger, maybe but... you get a little bit nervous when you think you're going to lose your home," Parks said.

Especially when you think you might lose your home at the hands of an alleged arsonist.

Fortunately, no homes were lost yesterday in the fire that authorities said could have been arson.

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