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Homeowner refuses to leave home, despite wildfires

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - While firefighters were working to put the fire, near FM 850 and CR 2301, near the New Chapel Hill community, mandatory evacuations went into effect in the surrounding area.

Linda Horton says it's going to take more than smoke to leave the place she's called home for more than 50 years.

"Not if we can help it we're going to stick it out as long as we can," said Linda Horton, refusing to leave home.

So Horton and her family decided to spray their yard and roof with water just in case the fire reaches her home. She says for the last couple of days she's been monitoring the fires, but never thought it would hit so close to her house.

"Not until today has it gotten to the point where take action and run," said Horton.

The first thing they did was make sure her 85-year-old mother was in a safe place.

"My son had already gotten to her and headed to another home with her but she has no car she wouldn't be able to get out by herself without somebody helping her so we were all trying to get to her from different directions," said Horton.

However, Horton says if they do have to evacuate they'll be ready.

"We've loaded up the memories so that's about all we can do," said Horton.


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