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Crews battle Rekindled Bear Creek Fire

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- In spite of a nonstop effort, the fight goes on in Cass and Marion counties, as the Bear Creek Fire again is forcing more evacuations and destroying homes. It has burned about 30 thousand acres and taken at least 9 homes with it.

The Texas Forest Service says it is burning in heavy timber. The fire erupted in several places early Thursday morning in an area off of Highway 49 near Shady Grove Road between Avinger and Jefferson.

Hundreds of firefighters, National Guard bulldozers, and 11 aircraft scrambled to fight the rekindled fire.

"Right now the bear creek fire is the largest fire we have going in northeast Texas," says Texas forest service agent Lee McNeely.

Crews went road to road to keep flames from nearby homes, cranes were brought in to knock down trees that were too close.

"All the firefighters , law enforcement and other people involved in this fire are literally risking their lives out there for the protection of life safety and property," McNeely says.

Cecil and Terry Moore rushed home after hearing the about the fire, but were evacuated within an hour.

"Said they were with the forest service or some agency she said the fires coming fast your right in the line, you've got one hour," says Terry.

The Moore's returned later to only ashes.

"I drove up there was fire all around us, this house was blaring with fire," says Cecil.

With tens of thousands of acres burned, every available resource is being used.

"We have a long way to go , this is a very active fire for some time to come," says McNeely.

But the fire has taken more than just trees.

"We are survivors ,and we will survive and maybe we were strong enough to handle this where somebody else couldn't have," Terry says.

The Texas Forest Service says that this fire is about 40 percent contained. By their count, at least nine homes have been destroyed. Those fighting Bear creek say it could be a week before the danger of rekindling is over.

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