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Small business owner looking to President's speech for relief

By Lauren Callahan

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Max Anderson became the owner of Whitehouse Floors & More in January 2009 – and he'll admit the last two and a half years have been hard to be a business owner.

"I would like to pick up some additional employees, and I don't feel comfortable doing that right now," Anderson says. "I'm holding off to see how things shake out."

He'll be watching closely to President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress tonight, starting at 6 p.m. here on KLTV. The president is expected to offer a $300 billion proposal to Congress that would cut small business and payroll taxes, increase infrastructure spending, and give aid to local and state governments.

Congress will have to pass President Obama's plan before it is enacted into law.

Anderson says he's frustrated with how things are going in Washington now. He is skeptical about getting much help until the tone in Washington changes.

"We're going to have to see action, not just words, in order to get rid of that frustration."

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