Tips For Successful Holiday Shopping

It's a day where winners are made and losers miss out. If you're successful it could make your entire Christmas holiday. We're talking about the biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving.

We got a few shopping tips from a couple of experts with more than 25 years of experience. Luann and Chloetis are best friends share a passion, shopping. They take it very seriously at Christmas.

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving they make a mad dash for the stores. We caught up with them Wednesday getting a jump on a few sales. They say there are a few key strategies everyone should know before they venture out to the stores on Friday. First tip,"You have to have a buddy that helps. You can call her and say,'oh yes I found what you need there," says Luann.

Tip #2: Research your sales ads. "You start with your papers. Your sales."

Once you know where the best sales are you're ready for tip #3: Plan. But there are two parts to this one. First, "you sit down with a tablet and you make a list for who you need to buy for. You make a list," says Luann.

Then plan what store you're going to first. "If something really neat that we've just got to have, we'll be at that store first," says Chloetis.

Then finally, the experts say, get there early. "If you're not there by six there's a line and you're not going to get anything because the special sales start at six and last 'til eleven. If you're not there early you're not going to get it," says Luann.

Armed with these tips these ladies, and now the rest of us, are ready for the biggest shopping day of the year. "We'll see you the day after Thanksgiving".

Luann and Chloetis are from Frankston. They take their Christmas shopping so seriously they will stay at a hotel Thanksgiving night in Tyler so they can get to the stores as early as possible.

They had one more tip for us. They say always keep your receipts.

Amy Tatum reporting.