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Bear Creek fire threatening gas facility, chicken houses

MARION/CASS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - On Tuesday, fire seemed to be everywhere, taxing firefighters to the limit. Wednesday, fires were spread out. The Forest service had more obstacles to overcome than just thick brush. Trains were running Wednesday.

"We got a little light wind this morning; we're able to get a handle on this. We lost a spot on the head last night. And, we think we have everything on the south side of 49 caught. Right now we're fixing to go work on the west flank of the fire and see if we can catch it," said Mark Elrod of the Forest Service.

Fortunately many homes were spared.

"A friend of ours, her house right down the road, her house was saved, three houses around it burned. So, we feel like God was with us yesterday," said Evelyn Vick.

Some were lost. Officials say at least six. Richard Hale teaches High School in Jefferson, and he lost his home to the fire. His mother came in from Louisiana to try to help.

Francis Hale said, "They were told to evacuate, and he did Monday, and he came back yesterday morning and left at noon, then in the afternoon he got a call that it was on fire."

Winds picked up in the afternoon fanning the fire, but wide plow lines kept the fire away from fields like this one. Even the hay bales were protected.

"I know that some of them may have gotten aggravated at some of them, but bless their hearts, they are pushed to the limit. Some of them haven't had any sleep since Sunday," Evelyn said.

Evacuations were spotty, like the fires themselves. According to the Forest Service, with the help of aerial support and determined ground crews, this fire will be put out.

The fire is also threatening a gas facility and chicken houses.

Linden-Kildare ISD has canceled classes, because of the fire threat.

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