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6/15/04 - Tyler

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: "Does It Work?"

Ground in dirt and grime got you down? Have the kids been creative with crayons on your walls? If the answers to these questions are "yes" and "yes"... If you've given up and decided to take care of it the next time you paint the walls, you need to try this week's "Does It Work?" product.

It's called the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It's simply a soft cleaning pad, a sort of sponge that's supposed to act just like an eraser around your house. And Mr. Clean claims it erases stuff other products can only dream about. Question is: "Does It Work?"

The bald dude who's been crossing his arms in our homes for years is back with something totally new. We're not sure there's ever been a product so simple, so pure and able to make the claims the Magic Eraser makes. Best we can tell, the Magic Eraser contains no chemicals. There's no smell, no other contents. It's just a very fine sponge pad. The makers say the sponge's innovative cleaning material is able to penetrate surface grooves where dirt and grime get trapped.

The major claim on the box is that it removes crayon from walls. If you're a parent, you know that's next to impossible with almost any kind of cleaning tool. So that's the first thing we're going to try.

First we have to wet the sponge. Just squeeze the excess out in the sink.

Then we head to an inconspicuous wall in the KLTV building and start writing on the walls with crayon. With our damp sponge in hand, the work begins. We start rubbing the large blue crayon drawing with the sponge and it's evident early on that it's going to work.

The Magic Eraser wears itself out with use. This was a major job, so it took most of 2 sponges to remove the crayon. But it did the job for the most part. There was one snag. We had a slight blue tint left behind, especially around the edges of our cleaning area. We figure there was so much blue crayon coming off the wall and absorbing into the sponge that the sponge started spreading some of that blue tint elsewhere. A third sponge for this very large drawing, probably would have taken care of that.

We made smaller marks with crayon on the wall and did not experience this "tinting" problem. We also cleaned some regular scuff marks off the walls with no problems. And we cleaned up some old leather golf shoes. Magic Eraser did a great job.

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes".

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is available at any grocery or discount department score. You'll pay two bucks for a package of two.

The makers do recommend you test the Magic Eraser on a small spot with light pressure to make sure you don't scratch the surface you're cleaning. The Erasers are not recommended for use on polished or glossy surfaces, or on finishes that are brushed, satin or dark.

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