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Better East Texas: Is America ready for President Perry?

By Pat Stacey

With Governor Rick Perry leading Republican presidential hopefuls, we will no doubt see comparisons between Governor Perry and President Bush during his term as governor. 

But Perry's style is much more Texan than the former president ever was.  Just look at some of the laws that went into effect on September first.  You can now shoot wild hogs from a helicopter, drive eighty-five miles an hour on a few highways, and, thankfully, legally "noodle" for catfish. 

But there are numerous other laws that make a statement about Governor Perry's platform and the attitude that he might bring to the national stage.  These other laws address hotbed issues like mandatory sonograms for those seeking abortions, the requirement for voters to produce a picture ID, and enhanced laws that favor concealed hand-gun owners. 

Perry is being positioned nationally as a gunslinger and America will be getting a dose of the real Texas as a result.  The question becomes, will America like what it sees.  Rick Perry is the media darling currently but that will fade soon as political writers hunger for more material.  But that's why they call it running a race and time will tell if America is ready for Rick Perry. 

Either way, it will make for a great campaign season and election process and for a Better East Texas.

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