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Better East Texas: September 11 Anniversary

By Pat Stacey

The tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks is fast approaching.  Gone are the constant reminders of what the terror threat levels are along with the physical reaction of jumping every time we hear a siren or looking suspiciously at low-flying aircraft. 

You have to wonder if we have relaxed too much, again. 

The United States still has plenty of enemies in spite of recent victories in the global war on terror and there will be other terrorist actions.  Law enforcement is perhaps better prepared but nothing will prevent more terrorist acts better than each American staying alert for suspicious behavior or things that just look out of place. 

We lost more than 3000 souls ten years ago and we also lost the innocence of a generation.  We cannot allow those that hate our country get a foothold.  Our government has done little in 10 years to increase border security which has been labeled by many foreign groups as the prime way to come to America undetected. 

So we may, at some point, have to deal with another terror attack but being prepared will save lives and our normal way of life, or at least the new normal way of life, and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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