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11/25/03 - Ore City

Soldiers Away for Thanksgiving

For many East Texans, Thanksgiving is about family -- a time to give thanks for your closest loved ones. But in a time of war, many loved ones must remain thousands of miles away.

The wife of one soldier will have to celebrate in his absence from their table this year. Tashia Turner says they'll celebrate Thanksgiving just like they do every other year -- having dinner and spending time with relatives -- but the one thing that will be different this year, of course, is that her husband, Todd, won't be home with her and their two children, 8-year-old Brittanie and 1-year-old Whittney.

Todd Turner is an army specialist stationed in Nasiriya. He was deployed in January for "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Everyday Tashia worries about him, but she says she has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

"We have a lot of Thanksgivings left that we can spend together. And because of him and guys like him, we have a thanksgiving. Thankful for the military, thankful for freedom, that kind of Thanksgiving this year. Normally, we're always thankful for that kind of stuff, but with somebody that's not here that's serving the country, you look at things a little bit differently. We live on a lot of faith right now. And it would not be possible if it were not for God," said Tashia Turner.

Todd is scheduled to return from duty at the end of April. Tashia says she's counting down the days until her husband gets back.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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