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Anderson County fire West of Elkhart is contained

ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - East Texans in Anderson County have finally been able to return to their homes after they were evacuated. Fire officials say the fire is a hundred percent contained.

The fire was West of Elkhart between CR 2112 and CR 127 near FM 322.

It's about 1200 acres now.

"I could smell smoke and I went to the front door and I could see flames coming across," said Loretta Tolar, firefighters saved home.

"It was a pretty bad fire we've got about 1,200 acres approximately moved about two miles on us yesterday so I would say it was a pretty bad fire," said Steffen Wilson, Elkhart Fire Department.

Much to Tolar's surprise her home was still standing when she returned yesterday evening.

"Oh I am extremely grateful they have just worked so hard and done such a wonderful job," said Tolar.

Fire officials say luckily they were able to save the homes in the area

"There was damage but nothing ever caught fire we were able to save them just a few melted sidings mostly," said Wilson.

Tolar said only the back of her home was damaged, everything inside is ok.

Fire officials even made Tolar's home their command post.

"They're welcome to stay as long as they need to I don't know they'll be here I guess that all depends on what happens with the fire and if they get them contained," said Tolar.

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