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Longview hosts multiple weddings

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, a memory of a lifetime, and that memory was shared by 18 couples in Longview, in an event called the biggest wedding. Brides nervously applied make-up.

"It crept up real fast I though I had plenty of time but here it is but I'm excited, I am nervous , I am," says bride Lori McCray.

"Nervous definitely, just a little bit just for the unknown what's coming," says Megan Davis.

"Going to be a lot of people here and its finally to that point where we make it official," says Katrina Sherow.

While grooms were just nervous.

"I got sweaty palms,  but I'm trying to keep my composure together for the ladies of course for my wife I want her to have a good day," says groom Aaron Boden.

"I have butterflies in my stomach but I'm with the perfect woman that I want to be with all my life so I picked the right woman for me," says fellow groom Johnny Battles.

The communal wedding was organized through VOW, and everything was donated. Food cakes flowers, music, all the couples had only to show up with the rings.

"To have a man and woman come together in a happy state prepared to go in a life together is still the most joyous thing any of us can witness, how many people get to say I was a part of the biggest wedding," says VOW director Tonya Waite.

They were married in a single spoken ceremony, in something many will pass on.

"We're going to tell our kids about it , its going to be in our hearts for the rest of our lives," Battles says.

Local hotels donated rooms to the couples for their honeymoon suites.

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