Owens Sausage Opens Shop In Sulphur Springs

Around 80 new jobs are expected in Sulphur Springs, and another 40 within a year, as Owens Country Sausage opens a 4 million dollar production plant. Company officials held a ribbon cutting today, celebrating the completion of the 56-thousand square foot facility. The new plant will serve as the sandwich assembly facility for Owens Country Sausage. They expect to ship 18 million pounds of product annually from the plant.

"This facility was available here," said company chairman and CEO Stewart Owens. "It's pretty new. It's in great shape. It was the right size for what we needed. We added a bunch of nice improvements to it and we know this is a great community to be a part of."

"Looking at the revenue coming in, just the jobs and employment, this is going to be a very big impact on this community," added Mayor Pro Tem of Sulphur Springs, Chris Brown.

Operation is expected to begin on December 8.