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Tropical Depression 13 Forms in the Gulf

On Thursday evening, the area of low pressure that moved into the Gulf of Mexico, from the Western Caribbean Sea, was upgraded to Tropical Depression #13.

This system has winds of 35mph and is drifting toward the NW. There is incredible uncertainty with this system, as the upper level steering currents are very, very light. According to the National Hurricane Centers forecasts, T.D. # 13 is expected to move inland along the West-Central Louisiana coast at about Noon on Sunday.

Now, with that said…this system may stay out in the Gulf for several days and this forecast could be thrown out the window. We will, as always, stay on it for you and inform you if/when anything changes.

The "Spaghetti Models," or forecasts for several different forecast models are widely varied on this system, because of the lack of steering currents. One thing is more certain, however…a cold front will move into the South Central U.S. late this weekend which could pull T.D. # 13 off to the NE much faster.

Tropical Storm Warnings are currently in effect for the entire Louisiana coast along with the coast of Mississippi.

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