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'El Chico Ranch' may open as soon as September 13

UPDATE: On Friday, corporate representatives say they're still in talks with Toys R Us in efforts to come up with some sort of plan that would allow the restaurant to operate as soon as September 13.

The menu, uniforms, and restaurant name a few things they're working to reach a compromise on.


TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Thursday morning Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc., confirmed to KLTV they have approached Toys R Us requesting to operate under the name El Chico Ranch.


Bill Watson with CRO says their intent is to open with the same food and beverage menu as "the restaurant that cannot be named". As far as the uniforms go, they say they still don't have a clear plan.

"The purpose is to put 100 people, who have patiently waited, to work on that property," said Watson.

They hope to open El Chico Ranch September 13. 

They are still in discussions with Toys R Us council. "We do intend to pursue our legal rights November 28," says Watson.

Toys R Us corporate offices have been unavailable for comment. 

Consolidated Restaurant Operations and Toys R Us went to court last month when Toys R Us argued CRO had violated their commercial real estate lease by changing the restaurant from El Chico to Double D Ranch without permission.

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