Cold Snap Catches East Texans Off Guard

Many East Texans have been caught off guard by the cold weather. Stores like Home Depot were packed Sunday with people trying to protect themselves from the freeze. Managers say things like pipe insulation, faucet covers and heaters have been flying off the shelves. Those doing the shopping say it's better late than never.
"I'm playing catch up," Nick Shumake said.  "Normally I try to get (my shopping) done before this, but we had some stuff going on this week and I didnt't get a chance to do it yesterday when I should have done it when it was nice and warm.
"Caught off guard, it kind of caught me by surprise," shopper Brian Kinney said.  It's mid-November and it's been in the 80's and then all of a sudden, so I'm playing catch-up today.
We found faucet covers today for around 3 bucks and a package of plastic covering for your outdoor plants was priced at around $10.

Chris Gibson, reporting