East Texas Bundles Up

East Texans woke up to some colder weather as temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees overnight. The drastic change has forced many to begin thinking about winter and with temperatures in the mid-80's this past week that's tough to do. At Thompson-Hills Nursery in Tyler today, they were busy getting ready. Workers began bringing in some of the more sensitive plants. They say tropical plants and potted plants are the most susceptible to the colder temperatures and while the freezing weather may not stay around long, there are still a few precautions you need to take to keep your plants healthy.
"Freezes that lost longer than just a few hours could damage the roots and the foliage, so tonight, just a few hours, a short time freeze is not going to do a whole lot of damage but it could hurt the foliage... the tender foliage," said Harold Hayden.
If you're not sure if your plants can weather the cool temperatures the folks over at Thompson-Hills say give them a call or stop by and they can help you out.

Chris Gibson, reporting