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Teen accused of carrying gun inside gov't building found guilty

TYLER (KLTV) - An east Texas man accused of taking a gun into the Smith County Juvenile Center pleaded guilty today to aggravated assault.

Seventeen year old Corey Webb, from Kansas City, pointed a gun at an officer after being taken to the Juvenile Center in July of last year.

KLTV's Annette Falconer joins us to tell us about his shocking court appearance today.

After the jury left the courtroom for a recess, officials say Webb walked over to a trash can, which was next to the Judge, and urinated in it.

When recess was over, Webb came back into the courtroom and pled guilty to a first degree aggravated assault charge.

Judge Russell said the plea was unexpected after the trial had gone on this long. While the DA's office seemed pleased with the outcome, Webb's family was not.

"They told him he could get treatment and be well in two years, but instead of getting him treatment, they sent him over to the county jail and because he's black and they don't care about him," says Corey Webb's Grandmother, Gloria Webb.

Regarding Webb pleading guilty, Smith County Asst. District Attorney, Richard Vance says, "It can happen, they have every right to do that, it's their choice, and we were agreeable to it, and were going to allow the judge to do the sentencing on it."

Before and after the plea, Corey Webb told the judge that he was unhappy with his lawyer's handling of the case.

Corey Webb will be sentenced on the aggravated assault conviction next month.



UPDATE: 2:22 pm: Judge Russell found Webb guilty of aggravated assault.


TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Corey Webb pled guilty to aggravated assault in court on Wednesday afternoon, to the charges that he pulled a handgun in the Smith County Juvenile Attention Center.


Webb, who is from Kansas City, is accused of taking a gun into the attention center in July of 2010, after being taken there after being picked up at a Tyler bus stop.

The gun went off, but no one was injured.

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