50 Plus Marriage Club Meets In Longview

A unique get-together takes place each November in Longview, as local couples celebrate their marriages standing the test of time. They are a generation that said i-do... and stayed together for a lifetime.

"I thought it was supposed to be that way and no ones told me the difference so I've gone on and stayed with him" says Vivian Schuler, married for 63 years.

Sixty-nine couples were honored today as part of the 50-plus club at first United Methodist Church of Longview... a club where couples have been married 50 years or more. Most were married during the war years, when the future was uncertain and all they had was each other.

"When we were married, it was forever... nowadays its just for a few years" said Bob Schuler who was married to Vivian in 1940. In a disposable age when even marriage is thrown away... whats the secret to their longevity?

"Treat your wife the way you would want to be treated" said Harold Owens, married 53 years.   Most say the secret is they never let anything threaten their marriage.. They are living proof that love never dies.. Or fades away... If you don't let it. The 69 couples represent over 37-hundred years of marital bliss.

Bob Hallmark reporting.