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The 700 Win Club

ARP, TX (KLTV) - In 1984, Leigh Ann Roberts started at Arp High School.

Little did she know what she was getting into.

"They told me to coach volleyball, and I knew nothing about it," said Roberts," In fact, I took a volleyball at TJC, and a lot of the girls had their arms out, and I did not know what they were doing."

Turns out, she learned pretty quick.

"She is the definition of a volleyball coach," said senior Chelsea Johnson.

"She knew everything, she taught me everything my freshman year," said senior Latrice Greenhouse.

And during all those years, the wins kept piling up.

"We have been in the playoffs the last 26 years," said Roberts, "So we have made it to the playoffs each year and that helps expand your record."

But the biggest win, came on Friday.

A victory over Tyler Lee gave Roberts win #700.

"It means that she is old, real old," joked Greenhouse, "But it means she is a great coach in other words."

"After the game, we all yelled '700!' We all celebrated," said Johnson.

"I dedicated 28 years to one school," said Roberts, "And you make that 700, it is a pretty big deal in a way, I guess."

Now in her 28th year, Leigh Ann Roberts continues to coach, and win, in the same place, with the same team where it started...all those years ago.

"I take a lot of pride in staying in one place, I have a hard time thinking of leaving."

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