Injured Hunter Rescued

A grueling waiting game for one East Texas hunter overnight. 64 year old Robert Hughes of Winona fell out of a tree and broke a leg yesterday off FM 2767 in the northeastern corner of Smith County. After he was gone for several hours, his wife reported him missing. This morning, the search began. As authorities got closer to Hughes, they could hear him yelling for help. He was there 14 hours before the Jackson Heights volunteer fire department and the game warden found him. The game warden says Hughes showed signs of dehydration. Wild hogs were in the area last night and the hunter says he shot his gun to keep them away. Our Mark Scirto says the low was 41 degrees last night.

Warden Daniel Mueller says the story is a lesson for everyone, "It is very important to let someone know where you're going to be. It's better if you go in pairs, that way, you're accountable for your partner who's with you."

The game warden says even if you're just bird watching, it's always important to let people know where you are.