L.I.S.D. Investigates Alleged Racial Slur By Teacher

Allegations have been made against a Longview middle school teacher for the use of a racial slur to a student. An internal investigation is underway.

The teacher allegedly used the "n word" in reference to an African American girl and used other questionable disciplinary measures to another. 11 year old Calacia Johnson and 12 year old Myeisha Moore are cousins who both play clarinet at Forest Park middle school. Myeisha says what her music teacher said to her on Friday is something she was not prepared for.

"He said ***** you need to play the right note" says Moore. The statement came as a huge shock to the girls' parents.

"The teachers, they are supposed to be there setting an example for the kids, they have their education, these kids are at school to get theirs" says Moores mother Angela Pippins. Both parents say they questioned school officials for answers, and then found out about another punishment incident. Calacia had forgotten her music sheets and says she was made to sit in a closet like room.

"He said since you're going to put your instrument up, you can get in the closet... How long were you there?... 45 minutes", said Calacia.

"There are still people out there that do crazy things like that," said Calacia's mother Bertina Brazzle. We spoke with L.I.S.D. administrators today who put out a public statement saying the district is in the process of investigating an allegation a teacher used a racial slur against a student. The teacher denies the allegation and is currently not at the school. Witnesses are being interviewed and the district will discern the validity of the allegation and will follow the appropriate procedures. And the family says those procedures should include termination.

"I don't feel like he should be there teaching kids , because each one of them has a name and that name is not ****!" said Mrs. Pippins. The girls say its a disappointment in someone they trust. The girls' parents are waiting for the final results of the investigation. Calacia and Myeisha continue to attend band class at the school.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.