Man Saves Neighbor's Life

A house fire sends an 86-year-old man to the hospital. The fire broke out this morning on the west side of Tyler on Duckenfield Ave. Investigators say the fire apparently started from an electric heater in James Spencer's bedroom. It quickly spread to the rest of the house. Paramedics took Spencer to the hospital for minor burns on his legs and smoke inhalation. As we found out, if it weren't for his next-door neighbor, Spencer might not have even gotten out of his house.

Jesse Warren saw four other neighbors gathered in front of Spencer's house. When Warren went outside, all he could see was smoke.

"I just came outside the gate and walked on over here to see if I could see him because I knew he was sick," said Warren.

Spencer couldn't open the front door to get out, so Warren says he ended up kicking it in from the outside.

Fire investigators say Spencer's house is a total loss, but luckily Spencer wasn't, thanks to his neighbor. ETMC officials say Spencer was released from the hospital late this afternoon.

Cheryl Davis, Warren's cousin, calls him a hero: "He's there for everybody."

Julie Tam, reporting.