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Van Zandt County seize 30 dogs from local family

Today authorities seized 30 dogs they say were living in unhealthy conditions.

It happened this morning at a home off County Road 1822 in Grand Saline.

Authorities say the owners of the animals simply became overwhelmed, and were unable to properly care for so many dogs.

One of the owners tells KLTV 7's Jena Johnson a piece of him feels like he failed his dogs.

Ethan Scott says this is a tough day for him.

He's having to say goodbye to 30 dogs he says his family can no longer care for.

Ethan says, "It's just extremely depressing still because you feel like you failed somehow."

Ethan also says he knew this day was coming.

They were thankful authorities served a warrant to rescue the animals.

The family even helped authorities load up the dogs.

Ethan's mother says, "Tell me about it. I can keep it clean with just a couple but 30 or 40..."

Most of the dogs lived inside the home with the family.

Scott says this summer has been especially rough. His father, who suffers from severe asthma, was just released from the hospital yesterday, and they've had no air conditioning for quite some time.

"We just started getting more. We tried to keep them from multiplying, but they keep finding a way to and then we just got overwhelmed one day," Ethan tells us.

Maura Davies of SPCA Texas says, "My heart just goes out to everybody here today. You know the dogs are in a hard situation and you know everybody is in a really hard situation here."

Maura Davies with the SPCA says the home's floor was soaked in urine and covered in feces.

Ethan told us, "We have home remedies that we give them, but sometimes they do get somewhat sick and we don't know how to take care of them and usually it's the puppies and they just die, and we bury them in the yard. We have a whole bunch of dogs buried in this yard."

Scott hopes that cycle has finally ended.

Van Zandt county authorities say they're not filing charges in this case.  

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