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Teens crash into Canton gas station at 50 mph, owner surveys the rubble

CANTON, TX (KLTV)- Today people in Canton are saying it's a miracle no one was killed after a truck crashed into a gas station store last night. Officials say the vehicle was traveling at more than 50 miles per hour.

It happened around 10 o'clock last night at Twin Stop #3 in Canton.

That's just West of the intersection of highway 243 and highway 198.

KLTV obtained exclusive surveillance video from inside the store the moment the truck crashed through the wall. When you see it, you too will understand why the gas station clerk is so lucky to be alive.

"I just remember hearing a boom and crawling out from underneath everything," said Heather Carson.

She says she was counting down the cash register, just like she would on any other night when this happened.

An F150 ran off the highway and right through the wall behind her.

"I'm still here and I looked and there's a truck through the building, so the truck ran me over and through the counter," Carson said.

"It's a miracle she is alive. I don't know how she did it. She doesn't know how she did it." said Kim Sanmiguel, one of Carson's co-workers.

Officials say the driver and passenger were two teenage boys.

"For some unknown reason at this time the 17 year old driver passed out. Veered off the road and traveled 234 feet before striking the west side of the Exxon Twin Stop," said Canton Police Department Sergeant Steve Hall.

Sergeant Hall said Canton Police are investigating the case and won't release either of the teen's names at this time.

One of the DPS Troopers who is assisting us on the investigation spoke to the passenger of the vehicle and he said they did not hit the breaks.

The damage is quite extensive. There is everything from energy drinks and bags of chips to bricks and insulation scattered all over the floor. The owner said he is going to have to replace his cash register and his ATM machine and he thinks cleaning up this whole mess will cost him about $200,000.

"I thought the store blew up and the gas pumps and everything was gone but I made it outside somehow," said Carson.

The store owner says it's a blessing no one was killed...even if he is left with this enormous mess.

Both of the teens were care flighted to Tyler hospitals.
The passenger has been released. The driver's condition is still unknown.

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