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Hot summer heat taking toll on trees

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There are a lot of really big trees in East Texas. So when something goes wrong with them, it can take some really big equipment to deal with it. Cracked trees and broken branches are becoming commonplace after the months of hot, dry weather.

A portion of Mike McDonald's 75-foot Post Oak tree snapped.

"We just heard a noise and looked outside and there came the top of the tree," said McDonald, "It was probably 40 foot long."

The tree landed on the family's patio, destroying a portion of their brick wall.

"The limb was so horizontal and it had so much weight on it that once it got so dry it just snapped off," McDonald explained.

Now the rest of the tree looms over his house---and it could break at any moment.

Now it has to go, and it's a job so big that a crane was brought in.

"The situation where the tree is...there's no way to lower it down by hand so we have to raise it you know, pick it up over the house," Larry Smith explained.

Piece by piece, the crane lowered the tree to the front yard. With extremely dry conditions and late summer storms, cranes showing up in front lawns have become a common site.

"It's a combination of the dry and the drought and the wind," says Smith.

Smith works with tree service companies. He says in recent months, demand has sky rocketed, increasing as much as 50%.

Tree specialist Mike Poeschl say's there's not much you can do, "There's really no signs, you know. It'll just have a limb laying in your yard or on your house.

He says its so dry that even healthy looking trees are collapsing under the summer heat.

Tree experts suggest trimming low hanging branches back so they won't pose a threat to your property. Also, they say to look at the trunk of your tree--if it's losing bark, that's a sign of weakness, and that tree is more of a risk to lose branches.

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