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When Double D Ranch & Toys R Us are all said and done

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- A Smith County Judge has ruled in favor of a Tyler Toys R Us, in keeping Double D Ranch Bar and Grill from opening...at least under that name...for now.

Now, this isn't over. A restaurant can still be opened at the location as long as the rules of the injunction are followed, and a trial to settle the issue once and for all,  is set for November 28th. But the controversy may extend past that date as well so we took a look into the future to determine what impact this controversy, if any-- will have on restaurants looking to come to Tyler in the future.

A local expert, Bob Westbrook says Tyler is such a bright spot in the restaurant industry that he actually expects more restaurants of this same concept to move to Tyler in the future.

"I think that more will look to Tyler to come, simply because there aren't many attractive spots across the state or across the country where the restaurant industry is still growing," Westbrook said.

Westbrook isn't affiliated with Double D Ranch but is familiar with the concept.

"This brand of restaurant will add to that quality of life, even if there is a little shock factor and that's just because people aren't used to it," he said.

Westbrook said he doesn't see all the attention Double D Ranch has gotten, having a negative effect on bringing more restaurants to the community.

But the Tyler Chamber of Commerce said that's still a valid concern.

"Well I think we have to be consistent.. If a company complies with the zoning requirements and this is a restaurant and it was previously a restaurant and it doesn't fall into the category of an adult entertainment venue, which apparently it doesn't.. Then I think we as a community have to be careful not to say we're going to put additional standards that people have to comply with in order to come to Tyler," Tom Mullins from the Tyler Chamber of Commerce said.

Tom Mullins said Tyler is the fastest growing city in East Texas with a goal to keep young people in Tyler.

"You could argue that this kind of an outlet is something that the younger population might utilize as opposed to the older people, people with families, those might object to this so I think there's got to be a balance," said Mullins.

Something both Mullins and Westbrook said will be achieved in the Rose City.

"I think it just reminds the restaurants that are coming to town that they just need to do their homework," said Westbrook.

Westbrook said not if, but when other restaurants like Double D Ranch come to Tyler, he thinks they will be successful.. As long as they are careful when choosing their location.

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