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Documents detail minutes leading up to toddler's death

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Court documents obtained by KLTV 7 News details the event leading up two-year-old twin girl's capital murder. A'yanna Webb died Saturday from massive blunt force trauma.  

The toddler's father, Dramon Green, who's known as "Mon" is charged with her death. Police say Green snapped after the twin girls awoke him from a nap.

According to court records, the girls mother found one twin in timeout, "sniffling and whining."

She asked her daughter, "where is bonbon", a nickname they used for A'yanna. When Green and Ayann'a returned to the apartment, the records say A'yanna was slumped over in Green's arms and she was moaning.

The twins mother told police "she felt like Dramon may have got out of hand because he was really upset and he may have hit her the wrong way because he was angry".

Police say Green gave them four different versions of what happened to his daughter. According to documents, Green said "A'yanna fell down approximately five to six stairs". Records indicate he also told police he tripped, and his left knee went into A'yanna's stomach with all his weight.

But police and doctors determined none of his stories added up. An expert says the cause of A'yanna's death was due to massive blood loss and multiple organ failure.

Neighbors near the apartment where police say the crime took place say they miss seeing the girls, and the smiles they brought to the complex.

"Oh they're so pretty," said Oree Coffer, neighbor. "Oh that they were sweet. Beautiful. I would like to say to the fathers to make sure you're not very angry when their disciplining their child. And uh just watch out how they discipline their children."

On Monday, surrounded by family and friends, two-year-old A'yanna will be laid to rest.

A'yanna's sister is in the care of CPS. Green is being held on a $1 million bond in the Smith County Jail.

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