Children Starting Rabies Shots, Attacking Dog Still on Loose

There may be a dog still on the loose that attacked several Smith County children, and efforts to find it are being hampered by someone in the area.

Two of the children attacked ten days ago are starting a course of injections to prevent rabies. Every other dog involved in the attack has tested negative for the disease, but traps set out to find other dogs are being tripped by someone.

If the dog is in the area, its capture could keep the children from the series of shots.

"Some of the owners don't like the idea of their dogs getting caught, so not only are they taking their dogs out of the traps, they're tripping the traps," says Precinct 2 Constable Frank Creath.

"It's sad that little kids have to pay for people for the older people not taking care of their pets," says neighbor Anita Robinson.

The owner of several of the dogs has been cited, to the tune of more than $600. If someone is caught interfering with the traps, they could be fined as well.