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Crews respond to fire at Brook Hill School

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - A group of mothers worked together Wednesday afternoon to put out a fire at the Brook Hill School in Bullard. 

Tree limbs fell on power lines, sparking a fire not far from the school's boarding houses. Around 3:45 p.m., boarding mother Paula Cool looked out the window and saw smoke. She immediately called 9-1-1, but the incident had caused a power outage. She grabbed her cell phone, but could not get through to 9-1-1. Cool then ran and got a pad from a swing set, sprayed it with water, and began fighting the fire herself. The Director of Residential Life assisted her along with another mother who used a blanket she had in her car.

Just as the three women finished putting out the blaze, firefighters arrived to put out a second fire that had formed.

Cool says she is happy the fires are out, but is still worried about the power outage. The kids have been without air conditioning for hours and they are unable to cook dinner. Cool says she is taking the kids out for dinner in Tyler and is hoping the power will be turned back on by the time they get home.

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