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Surgeon General: Hair care hinders exercise in women

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Having a new weave can be exciting, but for some women it keeps them from going to the gym.

The U.S. Surgeon General says she believes black women do not exercise because it can ruin their hairstyle.

KLTV 7's Annette Falconer shows us what east Texas Hair Dressers do to show women how to keep body in your hair and keep your body healthy.

Every woman knows a new hairstyle can be hard to maintain, especially after hitting the gym.

"The style will be gone, basically and it will nap up and get frizzy, and I know no woman, who wants her hair to be frizzy," says Keidra Mitchell-Stanton, a Hair Dresser.

A hair weave comes in a variety of options and for those that want to exercise, some are better than others.

"If they just sit in the office then they can do a synthetic or a quick weave, but if they work out they want to do a sew in, something that will last longer," says Mitchell-Stanton, who says she prefers a human hair weave instead of synthetic.

"If you get it wet, with your sweat and stuff, it will just nat up right then," says Mitchell-Stanton.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, less than 30% of minority women in the united states get the right amount of exercise, one of the reasons being "The hassle of keeping their hair looking good".

"They don't want to mess it that style up once they leave that salon, because it's like look what I just did, I just sweated this out, and now I have to go back and curl it the exact way she did it," says Hair Dresser, Kendra Johnson.

Hair dresser, Lakesha Doyle says, "The net is secure and strong, and as your sweating and your hair is growing, the net is strongly holding your style together."

Johnson says women with weaves can still workout, "Just wrap your hair up, with the silk wraps, and after a couple hours put it back down, and you should have the same style as you did when you left the salon."

If you get a 100% human hair weave, there are available products like dry shampoo and no wash shampoo to apply to the hair after a workout, without messing up your style.

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