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Three men discover baby in their kitchen

(WMC-TV) - In a scene reminiscent of a movie, three men discovered a baby in their apartment Monday.

The incident happened early Monday morning in the kitchen of Daniel Bolton's apartment, near Mendenhall and Knight Arnold.

"It was sitting right here on the floor," Bolton said.

Bolton's friend, Javon Douglas, first discovered the child.

"Ain't never had nothing like that happen," Douglas said. "That's some real movie-type stuff."

Douglas said he and Bolton were watching  TV in a back bedroom when around 6:00 a.m. when heard a loud knock at the kitchen door.

When Bolton got to the door, he said, someone had opened it and set the baby's car seat just inside.

"It was a little boy," Douglas said. "He had some Jordan socks and a onesie - that was it."

The men said whoever left the baby drove off before they could stop them.

After police arrived on the scene to help sort things out, the men discovered the woman who dropped the baby off in their kitchen thought she was dropping the baby off at the address of the child's father. Bolton and the others said they know the man, but he doesn't live with them.

After a few phone calls the mother was located and re-united with the child, leaving the two men with an experience they will never forget.

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