Shark Cordless Sweeper: "Does It Work?"

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Sometimes you may find yourself with a cleanup job that's too small to drag out your vacuum, but too big for a broom. If that sounds like you, we have a product you'll want to check out in this week's "Does It Work?" report. The Shark Cordless Sweeper is not a vacuum, and it's not a broom. But its makers say it deserves a place right along side them. Question is: "Does It Work?"

"Any kind of mess! Any carpet, any floor," the box says. "The Shark is always hungry for more."

From soggy pieces of food, to dirt on a carpet, to metal nuts and bolts, the Shark Cordless Sweeper makes some pretty big claims. Assembly of the Shark is a snap, literally. You just snap the pieces of the handle together. The NiCad batteries take 16-20 hours to fully charge, so keep that in mind. You're not going to be able to use it as soon as you get home.

The secret behind the Shark, is the dust tray. More specifically, the fact that the Shark's brush sweeps the dirt directly into the tray. Because there's no suction, there's no narrow passageways like we see in a vacuum. And, that's supposed to allow the shark to pick up larger, chunkier items most vacuums would simply choke on.

First, we tested it with an assortment of nuts and screws. The Shark got all its prey.

Next test, some goldfish crackers - a pretty common mess for anyone with children. Again, the Shark got them all. And, in an effort to recreate a scene every mother in America has experienced, some mixed vegetables. It's a pretty wet mess, but the Shark gets its recommended daily serving of veggies, even those stuck along the baseboard.

Credit what the makers of Shark calls its "wall hugging technology" basically a powered side brush that knocks debris out front, into the main path of the Shark's big brush.

The Shark's handle pulls out, converting it to a handheld unit that can be used in a car or truck.

So, "Does It Work?" We're impressed. We give the Shark Cordless Sweeper a "yes." The Shark Costs $59.95 and is available at most discount department stores.

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