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Back Into Focus

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - For Jacob Green, just to see the field, is a victory.

"Not knowing if you are going to be able to see again, it is scary," said Green, "Frightening really."

Earlier this year, the Lindale junior nearly saw his future disappear.

"He had some of the best hands on the team and there was something wrong with him in the spring," said Lindale head coach Mike Meador.

"It was real blurry and stuff, and I could not see [the ball] that well until it was up close," said Green, "I could not see it until It was in my hands."

Green was diagnosed with a rare eye disease, one that required surgery to help save his sight.

"His mom came to me this summer, and said, 'hey, we are going to have to do a procedure that is kind of a danger.'" said Meador.

"I did not know anything about it and it was real scary," said Green.

But thanks to a community of support and unwavering faith, the surgery was a success.

"It was a big relief, after I had the surgery I was like, 'man I am glad that is over, I hope I never have to do that again.'"

But Green's journey was not done, just a few weeks after surgery, he was back on the field.

"He showed up the first day and has never looked back," said Meador, "Actually, he has looked back now."

"We actually thought that he was done with sports," said Jacob's mother Angela, "Sfor him to go out there and give the best that he can and have fun with it, it is just an amazing feeling."

"I'm just glad to be out here and help take it to state."

With that claim, Green's goal now?

To see it through.

"Watch out everybody."

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