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11/18/03 - Longview

Birthday Girl Donates Presents To Charity

Maddie Hightower of Longview recently had her 8th birthday party. She had your usual cake, friends, and tons of presents. But Maddie did something most kids and even adults would never even think of. She gave all of her presents to charity.

On Tuesday, Maddie, accompanied by her mom and dad, took a bucket full of her birthday presents to the marines for their annual Toys for Tots program.

Weeks ago Maddie had decided to go to Six Flags with a friend for her birthday but told her mom that if she could go ahead and have a party, she'll give her toys away. Mom had to say yes. "Oh my goodness. I could just cry a bucket of tears. I'm very proud, very proud of her and her father is too," says Robin Hightower.

"It was awesome. It was great. An 8 year old. Not may people do that," says sgt. Balderaz.

Maddie says she plans to have more birthday parties where the gifts will be donated to charity. She says her friends thought it was such a good idea they plan to do the same thing.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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