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Better East Texas: Water Reduction

By Pat Stacey

The noose is tightening around East Texas because of the drought conditions.  Just about every week we here of another community moving to some sort of water rationing. 

It is not good for yards and it's very upsetting, but much of the water rationing is still voluntary. 

Well, if you are like me, I was tempted to water even more during the voluntary cut back time period – like I could bank up some moisture in the ground.  But that was the wrong move as well. 

We take our water service for granted and this year's drought is proving that we really cannot.  If we don't voluntarily cut back, there is a chance that our systems will face extreme water shortages and if that happens, things like emergency services and water to wash clothes and run sanitary systems could be difficult to come by. 

This is truly an issue that every East Texan needs to take heed of.  Sure there are some that have wells and other options on getting their water, but there is nothing real special about those systems, they are just the last to go dry. 

It appears that the drought will last for the next several months so even a drop below 100-degree temperatures will not help much. 

We still need rain.  As Mark Scirto says, we need to pray for rain as well as reduce our water use.  It will be difficult but it will be easier that having no water at all and it will make for a Better and Wetter East Texas.

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