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Better East Texas: Obama begins campaigning

By Pat Stacey

President Obama has quickly become candidate Obama and, during this extended recess for Congress and the White House, he has been traveling the country in a million dollar bus, we'll call Trailways One. 

The bus is actually property of the Secret Service and there are two of them for the campaign season, one for Mr. Obama and one for the eventual republican nominee.  The President is asking Americans to give him 4 more years to try to straighten out our economic woes and everything else ailing the country. 

In his stump speech, he promised to deliver a plan that will add jobs and grow the economy. Well Mr. Obama, America doesn't need candidate Obama we need President Obama and we don't need a plan, we need action, right now. 

His preoccupation with the campaign is demonstrating, through his actions, that he has moved the interests of the country off to the side in exchange for his own interest in running for re-election. 

It's ridiculous, he has no competition, he will be the democratic candidate in the general election more than a year from now, so he should suspend this bus tour and use the bus to carry Congress back to Washington. 

That will do more to help his poll numbers than any speech in front of a barn.  Getting real about doing something for America is what is needed and it will make for a Better East Texas.

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