Spider Bites Not What They Seem

Jail Administrator, Captain Gary Pinkerton, said there have been around 12 reports of spider bites in the jail over the last 90 days, but none have been confirmed. The captain said many infections, believed to be bites, were really coming from dirty tatoo devices. Inmates give each other tatoos, passing around the infection and many times don't tell doctors what it is because they might get in trouble.
"We have inmate rules and regulations and so it's a violation of inmate rules to give a tatoo or receive a tatoo," Pinkerton said. "If you know you're violating an inmate rule and regulation you're not going to just willingly say 'Hey I got a tatoo', the first thing you're going to say is 'Hey I got spider bites'."
The tatoo devices are made with everyday items, not banned inside the jail. Pinkerton says while many of the reports will turn out to be just staff infections, they went ahead an re-sprayed for insects yesterday.

Chris Gibson, reporting