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Union Grove damage in surprise storm

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- It appeared to be just a brief rain shower, but within seconds trees were torn apart, buildings were crushed, and homes were damaged in Union Grove. It happened around 6 Saturday night near Smith and Short roads. Roofs were torn away, huge trees snapped and terrific winds in a storm that took everyone in Union Grove by surprise.

"At first it just started raining, and then just out of nowhere the wind just started blowing," says resident Kathy Jones.

Monstrous trees were pulled out by the roots, some were twisted , giving many the impression they had been hit by a micro-burst.

"It was scary I've never been through anything like that," Kathy says.

"You could hear the roots on the trees breaking that kind of scared me, I was very scared I did not know what to think," says Jones 9 year old daughter Kasi.

Tin from buildings was pretzeled around trees. At the Francis home the family was celebrating a birthday for their 14 year old son, when a tree crashed through their kitchen.

"It was a sudden boom , it was like an explosion everything hit at once," says Brian Francis.

Francis tried to hold his sagging ceiling up when he thought his father in law was trapped underneath it.

"I reached up to try to stop part of the ceiling sheet rock and insulation, because I didn't know where he was at , he was underneath it, he was there then he wasn't there," he says.

The man was able to escape, but the damage crushed barns and damaged buildings all around them.

"I really didn't know what was going on , I just knew the whole side of the house seemed to blow out on us," says Teri Francis.

Fortunately , no one was hurt.

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