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Friday afternoon rainstorms damage Smith County homes

SMITH COUNTY (KLTV) - Some of the weather that blew through East Texas Friday night, was strong enough to do some damage.

Around 5:00 Friday evening, a light rain turned into something more severe for some North Tyler residents. At one home, the wind was strong enough to break a huge branch, which crashed into the garage, leaving a lot of damage.

"All at once we heard this terrible noise sounding like a freight train just coming up over the house," said homeowner Dorothy Gaisner. "And my husband and I jumped up off of our chairs to run not knowing what it was."

No one was injured at the home.

The same storm that did the damage to that home destroyed another home just around the corner on FM 2015

The strong winds knocked trees into power lines, which surged and started a fire inside the home.

Firefighters were able to get the fire out before it spread around the rest of the property, but the home sustained heavy damage.

"Basically we had 200 volts going where we should have 110, and it basically blew out at the television," said Smith County Fire Marshal Oren Hale.

The homeowner wasn't home when the fire started, but there were two dogs inside. Firefighters tried to perform CPR on one of the dogs, but sadly, both of the dogs died.

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