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Vineyards and Winery's prosper during summer heat

With a record year in crop and livestock losses,it's hard to believe that any living plant could benefit from this extremely hot heat.

But KLTV 7's Annette Falconer shows us one fruit plant that is tastier to drink, when they soak in the summer sun.

It takes quite the team to harvest and crush grapes, when it's over a hundred degrees outside.

It may be hard to work, but the hot temperatures do wonders when it comes to making wine.

"It actually gives a better product because the grapes become a little more concentrated so it gets more sugar out of them, which makes a better product in the end," says co-owner, Jon Kral.

Enoch's stomp vineyard and winery in Harleton, is on 17-acres of rolling hills, and the weather does have an effect on how the grapes ripen.

"Right now our grapes in the past we'll have six to eight tons of a red grape, at this time of year, but this year we're down to only three and a half to four tons. So that six tons is concentrated down," says Kral.

"The production will be a little less, but we'll have a really good quality wine," says co-owner, Altus Koegelenberg.

With controlled water irrigation, and a hot summer streak, Altus kogelenberg-- who's grape harvesting experience started in South Africa-- says it helps create a better wine.

"We didn't have a lot of watering in the soil, so that's when the flavors come out a little better," says Koegelenberg.

Enoch's Stomp says their season will continue on till September, depending on when the rain starts to fall.

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