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11/17/03 - Longview

Woman Gives Birth After Car Accident

Neil and Amanda Sims were looking forward to the birth of their first child. The baby boy wasn't due for three weeks but Saturday night everything changed. They were involved in a deadly accident and in those next few hours, the couple prayed their son would survive.

Their memory of the accident comes and goes, but the pictures of the car they were in shows how devastating it was. "I had just gotten off work we stopped by the Supercenter on our way home. We were just rounding the curve and out of nowhere the car came out of nowhere sideways in our lane," says Neil Sims.

A Cadillac driven by 23 year old Cesar Magana hydroplaned and slid sideways into their lane. The Sims slammed into the side of the car. Magana and a passenger Jose Fuentes were killed.

"There was some people that stopped to help at the accident scene I remember yelling at them that my wife was pregnant and she probably needed more help than I did," says Neil.

Neil was suffering from a broken ankle. Amanda was going in and out of consciousness. "I remember waking up in the ambulance a couple of times screaming for him. Saying how's my baby," says Amanda Sims.

Once at the hospital doctors knew they had to deliver the baby and prepared Amanda for a c-section. 2 1/2 hours after the deadly crash baby Neil Allen Sims was born healthy. His birth was nothing like they had planned. Daddy wasn't even there, but this young family has already learned that each moment is a gift.

"I'm blessed by the hands of God. I mean look at him. There's nothing wrong with him and we could've all died," says Neil.

Troopers say seatbelts saved Amanda and Neil's life and their baby's. Amanda says she hadn't worn her seatbelt for a few months because it was too tight, but she says for some reason that night she decided to fasten up.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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