Stop Excessive Sweating

One month ago, filling out these charts was a difficult task for Kelly Ivy at nurse at ETMC in Tyler.

The reason, excessive sweating.

"If I got embarrassed or nervous or anything my hands would just sweat," she says.

And she claimes it made her life impossible.

"It kept me from going and shaking somebody's hand or like in my work starting IV's," she said.

Kelli suffered from hyperhydrosis. That's a condition where for no real reason a person sweats, a lot. From their hands, feet, underarms and face.

"I could just think about it and my hands would start sweating," Kelli says.

She tried everything to stop the sweating from special creams to radical treatments, but nothing worked until she met Dr. Neelan Doolabh.

"He said he could treat it, not just treat it but totally get rid of the problem," she says.

Dr. Doolabh gave her a thorascopic sympathectomy. It's basically a thrity minute surgery,  where he makes a small cut in her chest and divides the nerve that causes the sweating. Dr. Doolabh says the surgery changes lives. The results are immediate. Kelli says it worked for her, and now she never breaks a sweat.

It's easier. I'm not intimidated by going up and meeting somebody or shaking their hand.  I don't even think twice about it now

For more information call Dr. Doolabh at 90-593-0900.