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Two-A-Days Tour: Pine Tree Pirates

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - For the Pine Tree Pirates, it is a simple concept.

"We don't want another losing season, I mean, nobody wants that," said linebacker Aires Biagas, "We want to win."

"Everyone is working harder than usual," said running back Xavier McCoo, "It is exciting."

Exciting, a word not heard around the Pine Tree program in years.

"I think we had about 100 people here for the first intersquad scrimmage," said head coach Derek Fitzhenry,  "I think the kids see that and it gives them higher expectations then what they have had in the past."

It's Fitzhenry, who comes from a perennial 3A power in Giddings, that has sparked the excitment.

"He is a 'get the job' done kind of guy, and there is no 'if you don't'," said Biagas, "You have to get the job done, so he just motivates us to do more."

"We love everything about him, his attitude, his style, he is the best coach we have ever had," said running back Matt Cox, "He is intimidating, but we all love him, we get over that."

But coach is not the only new addition, how about new jerseys for the team.

"We can't have these new jerseys and still be a losing team," said Cox, "So that has us excited."

And what about a new offense.

"A lot of yards, a lot of points, a lot of touchdowns," said McCoo, "If we run the system right, we will score alot of points."

And how about, a soon to be, brand new stadium.

"Everyone is excited about the new stadium," said Fitzhenry, "and we have put about $80,000 worth of equipment and we have added a lot of things."

And what it adds up to, is new life, for a program, almost once dead.

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