Accident Leads to DWI Arrest

The accident happened around 4 p.m. Sunday, near mile marker 574, that's about 4 miles East of Highway 271. Traffic was backed up for miles as authorities worked what they originally believed was an accident caused by a blown tire.

The driver, 59 year-old Henry Jacob Cotten, told authorities his front tire blew out, causing him to swerve and flip. But Department of Public Safety officers found a much different story once they started testing him for drinking and driving. Video taken by Channel 7 shows Cotten having trouble balancing and walking in a straight line. All are parts of the standard field sobriety test. Cotten was arrested and taken to the Smith County Jail.

This is not his first arrest for DWI. Troopers tell us he's had five prior arrests and his record reflects at least three convictions for the same thing.

DWI standards for those operating commercial vehicles are much stricter in the state of Texas.  The legal limit drops from .08% to .04% and any detectable amount of alcohol can also produce penalties.

Chris Gibson, reporting