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Fire threatens Kilgore neighborhood

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A fast moving fire threatened homes and had crews blocking off roadways near Kilgore. The fire broke out after noon today in a wooded area at Gulf Camp road, and many times made the roadway impassable with billowing smoke.

"What I seen was probably about 20 to 45 yards of fire pretty big," says Joe Roe who reported the fire.

Firefighters and a forestry service bulldozer beat the flames back several times, but the fire wouldn't quit.

"I was terrified, my concern is I have 3 kids and this is my home if it comes this way it burns down," says area homeowner April Davidson.

Homeowners seeing the fire growing, worried about the worst.

"We've got bags already packed," Davidson says.

"As dry and as hot as it is , it catch on quick, you gotta be worried about this," Roe says.

The road was closed as the fire jumped to the trees, and crews kept throwing water at it. Finally after 3 hours of work the fire was out , and no homes were damaged. Investigators are still looking into what may have caused the fire.

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