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Two-A-Days Tour: Whitehouse Wildcats

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) -   Two a days in extreme heat.  Don't expect Whitehouse coach Randy McFarlin to feel sorry for his players.

"If I can be out here after six months of rehab, out of shape, man don't give me the I'm tired business," said McFarlin with a smile.  "Get out there and get the job done."

McFarlin says he's almost fully recovered from a car accident that nearly took his life last November.  Coach still has sore ribs, but he's on the practice field every morning.

"It's an honor and privilege to be out here everyday," said McFarlin.  "It's something that we as coaches can sometimes take lightly. But when you almost lose something you love to do it makes you appreciate it a whole lot more."

Senior quarterback Hunter Taylor can see his coaches excitement.

"He's (McFarlin) loving it," said Taylor.  "I think it was a real eye opener not just for him, but the whole community.  Never take it for granted.

McFarlin has a new appreciation for life and coaching.  That doesn't mean he's softened on the field.

"I may have to back off at times for me to make it through," said McFarlin.  "But I have the same expectations I've always had with the kids."

For the players, McFarlin is an inspiration.

"Just to see him comeback through all that adversity strong," said Taylor.  "It really makes you realize anyone can do anything if they really want to."

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