Babysitters Busted for Manufacturing Meth

Two babysitters face drug charges and could face child endangerment charges. Smith County officers confiscated a quarter-pound of methamphetamine from their house, on C.R. 1125, in the western part of the county.

According to the sheriff's department, that's where the two had been manufacturing the drugs. They were babysitting an infant on Wednesday, when officers arrested 51-year-old Marcia Wintters and 40-year-old Danny Hayes. Neighbors say they suspected something was going on all along.

"I see different cars, different people that don't even live there. Obviously something's going on because there's stuff in the parking lot and there's cop cars all over there," said neighbor Chris Brands.

Sheriff J.B. Smith says this is one of several recent cases involving highly concentrated meth or ice. Smith says narcotics officers discovered the expensive drug about a year ago, and they're seeing more and more cases of it in Smith County.

Julie Tam, reporting.